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During the autumn of 2010 a few college buddies at Syracuse University took a break from their MBA studies. Even though they had gone to Syracuse U. on full scholarships, they endured the usual personal financial hardships experienced by many college students. Being young and broke they enjoyed the outdoors as best they could on the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. They went fishing.

For them, fishing seemed to be an effective way to capture all that nature had to offer and create lasting bonds. One thing they realized from the start – they were having fun. With borrowed fishing tackle and high-hopes for a successful catch they spent the time in between bites, near misses, and the one that got away discussing their dreams.
As the happy fishermen returned to college life, things began to click. A start-up company idea was brought up. “We have the education and training in finance, e-commerce, internet technology, enterprise systems, supply chain management, and the best manufacturing practices,” they said with a sparkle in their eyes. “What if we use our knowledge and experience to create a fishing company and make awesome fishing tackle that everybody can afford? With factory direct sourcing and efficient business practices… we could pass the savings on to the consumer. Then, any average fisherman could enjoy the best in class fishing tackle without breaking the bank. If we can make fishing affordable, we will keep it fun!”

Their vision was fulfilled after graduation. On March 15, 2012, Basstrike was launched in the United States of America.
Things began to happen rapidly.The factory direct concept of eliminating middlemen such as export/import agents, freight forwarders, warehouse distributors, and wholesalers in the supply chain was working.Basstrike kept prices way low by not having to cover the high overhead costs of box-store retail space, traditional advertising, and big corporate salaries and commissions that are passed on to consumers in the product’s price by other brands.It was always about low cost, not low quality, for the best product value.  Therefore, Basstrike relies on suppliers in various countries to provide the best quality manufacturing components available. They used  JIT (just in time) supply line tactics to keep a steady flow of inventory coming in, keeping inventory levels at an optimum, and operation costs down.
Basstrike products are developed through feedback from the fishing community directly to the manufacturing floor -- “Designed by anglers for anglers”. It’s an inverse of the manufacturer to customer formula. Input from anglers and the Basstrike tackle development team delivers the fishing tackle features that anglers want and need.
Whether it’s fishing for freshwater bass or hunting sharks in the deep blue sea, anglers can count on tested and proven Basstrike products for reliability and top performance.

Today Basstrike stays true to its roots by producing quality, innovative fishing tackle with the needs of the angler in mind, offering them around the world at prices that are affordable, and… keeping fishing fun.
This philosophy has generated the company’s Mission Statement:
Mission Statement:
Functionality is everything
We strive to achieve affordable innovation through novel concepts and ingenious designs. We seek unprecedented cost effective ecommerce practices to directly market to consumers, cutting fishing tackle costs by 50% or more on average. We are always looking for functional, practical, affordable fishing tackle.

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