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Great color, eyes, and action in the water. Awesome value!


These lures were fabulous for catching bass. My sons were able to have an enjoyable day of fishing using these lures. They are easy to use and are very appealing to the bass. I would definitely recommend these for anyone wanting to catch the big one.

Melissa Santos

These lures looks great. The organizer is nice too. Finally had a chance to try them out. They are indeed snag free and glide/swim right through weeds.

M. Lee

Just waiting for fishing season to open again. These poppers are killers on our SM Bass up here.

Greg P.

Good quality for such a cheap price. Also the hooks are very sharp which was great, I know because I just got my hand hooked when I checked them out. I used it to catch a lot of fish today. I like it very much.

Russell Nash

The Popper is one of the most fun baits out there when bass are hitting topwater.


These work great and I normally know I can catch some pan fish with them. I have also caught some small bass with them. Bigger bass have gone for it but always get off the small hook.


These are perfect for panfishing. They travel well and submerge well. I've already caught several bluegills and a couple of bass using these lures. No more high dollar lures for me.

R. Snow

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