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Basstrike is a professional fishing lures and tackles supplier. Many products are available in a variety of price segments to meet your budget. We support B2B, your small business and custom lures! If you are interested in our products and would like become our partner to resell our items or do a business together, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you the effective sale program solution and competitive prices. Email us at info@basstrike.com. Don't hesitate!


Bowfishing as a method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish, is more popular in recent years.
We also offer a large selection of quality bowfishing gear & equipment. To get more products info contact us with info@basstrike.com

Ice Fishing

The ice jigs options are only limited to your imagination.

Ice fishing is a great outdoor sport in winter for people! Basstrike offers ice fishing gear for the hard water angler, with ice rods & reels, jigs, line and more!