Hard Baits Types and Tips of Fishing Lures

Hard Baits Types and Tips of Fishing Lures

There are soft artificial bait and hard artificial bait among the classification of Lure bait. Their difference is that hard bait can be used in a variety of swimming layers and suitable for the open waters, moreover, it can not only attract fish to attack by the mimicry, but use the sound to stimulate the fish to attack. After purchasing the hard body bait, you can check its packaging, indicating whether this type of bait is floating or sink into the water.

After understanding the characteristics of each hard bait, the angle friends could make a variety of imitation actions based on the foraging habits of the object fish. Hard artificial bait can be divided into six categories.

1. Popper Lure

The shape of hard popper is like a fish, while there's a small groove at the fish mouth, and the purpose is to produce some spray between the groove and the water surface when the fishermen use this bait to do shaking action. However, they should pay attention to the speed of drawing back the wire during the usage, and it will scare the target fish when it's too fast. To check Popper for Catch Bass.

2. Crankbaits

The characteristics of hard crankbait is that there is a large clapper in the front of the artificial bait. The crankbait can nod up and down in the shaking to spray the water. Actions from this kind of artificial bait is usually very exaggerated, so here to recommend the fishing friends to use cautiously after determining the fishing conditions. You may also like Deep Diving Crankbaits For Bass Fishing

3. Minnow Lure

Fish-shaped minnow bait belongs to the basic type of hard baits, while many special actions could be done via the fish-shaped lure, such as: to escape, rise and jump out. This is because its action type has been set when the fish-shaped lure leaves factory.

4. Vibration Hard Artificial Bait

The main characteristic of the VIB is that it's light in the water, other hard bait it is mostly submerged, while its trajectory in the water goes into the 'Zigzag' shape.

5. Spoon & Wire

Spoon & wire is generally used in sea fishing, and its lure feature is to stimulate the fish to attack by the reflexing effects at the bottom of the water.

6. Complex Spinner Bait

Complex spinner artificial bait is mainly composed of steel wires, rubber strips and sequins. The sequin in the complex spinner bait mainly imitates the small fish stock, the rubber strip imitates the small fish left behind and the steel wire can reduce the hanging at bottom of the water. Therefore, complex spinner artificial bait can be used to search areas with intensive water plants.


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