Best Topwater Lures for Bass Fishing

Best Topwater Lures for Bass Fishing

Every bass fisher will probably tell you that topwater fishing offers some of the most exciting bass fishing experience. There is nothing like the visual impact of the explosion of topwater, after all, this is one of the only kinds of bass fishing where you get bass by your lure.

Topwater bait for basses includes many different types of bait in various shapes to achieve different action on the surface of the water. Like uplanders, poppers, buzzbaits, wakebaits, minnows and prop lure and so on. Let's see some of them and their use keys.


Poppers, sometimes called chuggers, are hard plastics or wooden stoppers with a flat or concave face. When you shakes, it will quickly, pop, splash and chug, it emulates the prey that struggling on the surface. Poppers are the ideal surface baits for targeted fishing. They can be shaped accurately and should work close to laydowns, docks, rocks, and anything that could hide the bass. Topwater poppers lure are excellent use for all the fall season.


Propbaits for bass fishing have been a long time. Thin propbaits connections with accessories at both ends were connected to places with lots of grass like Florida and Minnesota and around the shreds. Propbaits in the form of Bluegill, however, have become very popular in the last few years, which represent a lot of bass fishing tournaments win. It's easy to fish with them to spray water. They can produce a lot of action without going too far ahead by keeping them in an impressive area for long. These are huge fishing baits around the bluegill beds and the overhanging trees and shadows that the bass can use during sunny and bright days.


The hollow body frog can be the most weedless lure. They possess a flexible plastic form that is devised to collapse and expose the hook hide down of them. The lures hovers and hooks face vertically, leaving little chance of hanging. This is a significant advantage in bass fishing because you can cast in areas that other lures can’t replace it. Lily pads and other floating vegetation are ideal places for the fishing of topwater frog lures. Bass activity under this type of plant because they provide an excellent source of oxygenated water, shades, covers and food. So pulling the frog through the tops attracts bass beneath. To check the detail Guides Frog Lures for Bass Fishing


Wakebaits are similar to crankbaits in case of leaning; sharp lips cause the bait slipping forward and back or simply swirling under the surface during regular recovery. When the water is clean and the fish are on the deck, the wakebaits can be very effective in attracting big fish at great distances that can sharpen the V-shaped wake up while awakening is steadily recovering.


Buzzbaits is a spinnerbait cousin. These baits highlight a lead head with a skirt and a hand extending up and over the head covered with a support plate rotating on a constant recovery. The blade kick the water on a steady retrieve and will spit and spray water on a quick jerk. They are ideal for fishing large waters around rare grasses, cutting rap tables and other places where you might be worried about hanging bait with a sharp hook, but want a hasty show. Post spawn, end of summer and early fall can be awesome for topwater buzzbaits. Detail about buzzbaits.

Walking & Twitch Baits

Walking & Twitch Baits
Walking topwaters offer a returning surface or a zig-zag action, manufactured with walk-the-dog recovery. Basically nozzle your wrist and bend to the sharp corner of the fall, then push the top of the ribbon back to the baffle so fast that the scent has sliding spots over the free line. When you give bait to a series of fast rapids, the bait slides left, then right, then left and then right. These are excellent water lines that want lots of water in a hurry, while the bait stays in an strike area for a long time because the fisherman does not return to the straight line. We love these baits in the post-spawn during the winter in most parts of the country.

Useful Tips of Topwater Lures to Catch Bass:

Try topwater fishing during the postspawn, you can use popper or Walking & Twitch Baits around the rocks or the thing out of the water.

Mind your speed when you work a topwater lure. Usually the cooler the water, the slower the retrieve.

It recommends to use noisy topwater lures such as chuggers or buzzbaits on windy days. It is easier for bass to find the lure on a choppy surface.

During the postspawn, you can use topwater lure to catch the male bass which hide under the dock to protect their eggs. Try to casting your lure close to the dock and in the cool place on sunny days.

When the water on your favorite fishery is high and murky to muddy, a buzz bait is your best bet to run in the shallows.

Keep dragging the lure steady when you see the bass following your topwater lure, so that the bass can chase and bait the lure. When get hooked, you can drag the line to shore.


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