3 Guides to Use Popper Catch Bass

3 Guides to Use Popper Catch Bass

Based on my personal experience, the fish catching rate of popper is about 20% and even lower, which means you could possibly catch one after five trials when getting close to the fish. Please consider carefully before use. However, the bursting effect of popper to catch fish is incomparable for other lures. Actually there is also few chances for other lures to catch fish. Once you seize the chance, you will have a good harvest, or you will return back with empty handed.

Firstly, the operating environment for popper
The best operating environment for popper is the still water without wind, water reservoirs are better than the rivers; avoid direct sunlight on the day, cloudy days will be better than sunny days, early morning and nights are better, nights are better than mornings. Overall, the best operating environment should be the water surface of reservoirs at night without wind when the temperature is high with mosquitoes around. Then the fishes will prey on the mosquitoes dropped on the water. Of course, when fishes are active during other periods, there sometimes will also be good effects.

Secondly, selection of popper lures
It depends on the fish sizes at fishing sites for popper catching. Generally, most of the fishes are small ones, I suggest to use popper of 8 to 10 g, which will be applicable to both big and small fishes. In addition, the casting distance is also suitable for the popper of 8 to 10 g with large water range of searching. Also, you could select your favorite popper types based on personal habits.


Thirdly, the operation method of popper
Generally, the lure videos will show you that fishers reel up the lines quickly when using topwater lures to catch fish and the picture presents strong effects of giant sprays caused by the hit on water, which is required by the visual effect of video making. Actually, the speed of reeling up lines mostly decide the chance to catch fish. The slower for lures on the water surface, the better. How slow should it be? Just keep the popper in moving state on the water. In the operating process, you could change your speed but only be quick for several times when casting each time. Keep every rod hitting the water to produce sprays, that will be okay. The operation to finish depends on personal habits, you could pull twice and stop or pull three times and stop.


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