A Brief Introduction to the Seven Fishing Rigs

A Brief Introduction to the Seven Fishing Rigs

How to use a rig to fishing, choose a right fishing rig is an important thing! Now let's see some fishing rig methods.


texas rig

It is a worm hook with a bead and lead bullet. This rig is specialized in the bottom and obstacle zones.

TEXAS RIG is developed by the traditional fishing method in Texas, USA. It’s composed of: a 10-20g lead bullet, a bead, a worm hook (generally #3 hook for fishing bass) and soft plastic lures. This fishing rig is dedicated to searching fish at the bottom layer and obstacle zones. The bullet lead is actually not lead but processed of the scrap bullets, the bead is made of rubber hollow beans to be installed between the bullet sinker and hook hole, which can prevent the bullet continuously beating the line knots in the search process and damaging the effects of the rig. For the roles of adding the bullet sinker, not only can cast a long distance, but also the second is to prevent the hook getting stuck at the bottom.

This fishing rig has advantages of a stable gravity center, good balance and the most natural swimming shape, the suitable for the water surface with many obstacles and groves, as well as places with much mud in the water, and especially, it can also be used to probe the terrain in the strange fishing areas. In addition, it has both a low gravity center and wind resistance, thus it has a far casting distance and a wide search range, and is suitable for the slowly dragging and search for the fish.


carolina rig

Tie the worm hook on to the leader, slip on the sinker on your main line, tie on the leader to the other side, insert the point of the hook back into the soft plastic making sure the bait hangs straight. This rig is specialized in the middle layer & bottom layer waters.

In this fishing rig, the mode of flat dragging is the best bait shaking technique, which can fully play the characteristics of soft bait swimming itself. Suit for the small rocky area, the grove, as well as places with much mud in the water. The benchmark for the sub-line is roughly 30 cm, and the longer the sub-line, the better swimming shape, with fewer times of bait shaking and wire withdrawing but poor feedback when the fish get hooked, the shorter the sub-line, the worse swimming shape, with better feedback.


slip shot rig

Tie a fishing hook on the line using a Improved Clinch Knot. Add split shot.

This rig is suitable for fishing grounds with a short distance and low fish activity, so the type of soft plastic lure is better with small swimming radian and more change, and do remember to match with the thin line.


no sinker rig

Do not add any accessories when the bus bar is tied with soft bait hook, such as: bullet lead, ring beads, just a hook and a soft plastic lure. Specialized in surface, middle and upper layers of waters.

As the fishing rig has no additional plumbing hammer, in the choice of soft baits, the ones with a high proportion, a particular large tail or the tail that can swing are of the superfine quality. It swims particularly vivid as there no extra fishing rig accessories.


drop shot rig

Add one hanged lead 10 to 30 cm below the worm hook or Keanu hook. It is specialized in the underlying and obstacle zones.

The fishing rig is specially designed for "shore fishing", and this hook type is mostly suitable for flat areas with no obstacles. In the use of drop shot rig, the mode of hooking the soft plastic lure is similar to the common soft bug hook method, and only the requirements of tying the hook is different from the general tie method, be sure that the tied hook and the fishing line at the bottom are vertical with 90 degrees, and note that the lead below should be fixed in the mode of disposable lead.


jig head rig

Tie the soft plastic lure to the lead head hook. It is specialized in the bottom layer and rocky zones.

Lead hook is very easy to operate, it’s also good at imitating the situation small fish and shrimp flee, thus to attract fish to chase with the clever transfer of the gravity center, so it’s the fishing rig easy to operate and with a high hooking rate. Generally used with revolving-tail maggots, it is a very common fishing rig.


wacky rig

Use the striped soft worms to hook the middle part of the soft insect with the crank hook, let it slowly subsided to the desired depth when entering into the water, firstly slightly jitter through the rod to make the soft worms naturally swim in the water, or plug needles into both sides of the worms to change its swimming shape of peristalsis, and this kind of fishing group has a very fatal attraction to the big mouth bass.

One of the advantages of wacky is its natural and slow falling state, which is important. Generally, the fishing waters are relatively clear, basically the fish is not very interested in those baits moving too fast, and at this time the wacky fishing group can show a very unique and natural falling state.


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