Bass Fishing Weather Temperature and Season Tips

Bass Fishing Weather Temperature and Season Tips

Some experienced anglers have said that bass fishing will be more blooming in colder times, meaning that bass will more easily bite when it’s colder, thus to store for the spawning period in the coming spring, store enough energy at the end of winter and find spawning sites in the early spring, such a deduction is quite reasonable, as data shows that, the water temperature the bass likes is about 12-21 degrees, and they would stay in the deeper places at temperatures below 10 degrees, bass or will have bait will at the food swimming slowly, so for bass fishing in winter, besides finding the hiding place of the fish, a slow speed of bait operation will be more suitable.

The bass caught in the early spring will be in large sizes


When the spring water temperature reaches above 12 degrees, the bass will go to the shallow shore to find the nest of spawning, the male will travel back to the shore earlier than the female, hunt the food around the nest and drive away other enemies, in general, they will be found at the points with weak sunlight.

The bass fished at the points of the shore in early spring has prepared for the spawning

early spring bass lures


When the water temperature reaches 15 degrees in the spring, the female begins to lay eggs, the male also begins to protect the nesting, they will attack any other creature that enters the nest field, so you can add some drawing action to the bait to imitate the attack posture on the juvenile, while the female leaves the nest after spawning and enters the recovery period, the energy stored in the winter is enough for the female to reduce the foraging and support till the end of the recovery period.

As the summer arrives gradually, the feeding time of the bass will gradually be shortened due to the rich food sources, the water temperature is also slowly rising to about 21 degrees, so the shore is still the main foraging sites of bass, while the feeding time is usually mainly in the morning and at night, the duration is also quite short, the bass tends to hide in deep water in the daytime with strong sunlight, and it’s usually not easy to fish bass at the shore and diked areas with water temperature above 26 degrees.

Bass caught in the early morning in the summer

summer bass fishing lures

For the bass fishing in the summer, besides the time control, you can also pay attention to the changes in light, for example, there’ll be sunlight with the sunrise in the west of one fishing area, you can search along the west bank and marked points during the time of using light, and when the sun has shone to the west bank, you can change to the shade in the east or the points without sunlight, when the fishing ground has been shone by sunlight (about 7-8AM in summer), the water temperature is also slowly rising, The feeding time of the bass has been over, so now you don’t have to hold one under the sun and can slowly withdraw the rod to rest, summer bass is more difficult to fish, besides the short feeding time, there’s rich food sources, so the same bass may feed once per several days, but as long as the number of bass is sufficient, there’ll be different bass to feed every day.

The sunshine in the opposite has shone on the bank, so we choose to fish at another side.

In the outer course, tilapia often protects the young at bank in summer, both the male and female will carry out the task of protect the nesting. In the fall, the food source is reduced, the sunlight intensity is decreased, the water temperature on the surface also reaches the temperature suitable for the bass (12-21 degrees C), the fish stays longer near the bank, and at this time bass can be fished at all points almost all the day, in Taiwan, the fall may be said to be the season most easily to catch bass, as for the storage of the energy needed for the coming winter and the above environmental factors, it will not too difficult to catch bass in the fall.

In climates similar to the fall, bass foraging time is extended, and the time for fishing also gets longer.

In the winter, the bass will be hiding in deep water, besides that the water temperature is more stable, the activity of the bass will be declined, for the fishing in the winter, you should pay special attention to water temperature measurement, it’s generally not easy to catch bass if the water temperature is below 10 degrees c, at this time you can use a thermometer to measure the temperature and depth of the bass to find traces of bass, Taiwan's winter is not like Japan and the United States, once you find the water layer of the appropriate temperature, the winter bass has grown since the spring, and the uncaught new generation will more easily bitt the bait.

For the big bait of even 9 cm, the bass still has the desire to attack and prey.

In summary, besides the fishing site selection according to the season and the water temperature change, the speed of shaking the bait is also a key point, you need to judge by your own experience on which season is suitable for slower bait and which season is suitable for small shaking action, fishing is not just the fun of simply enjoying the fishing, the observation of the nature, ecology, and maintenance of the sustainable development of fishing grounds, should be implemented by the fishing men, take away the garbage, and do not take away the fishery harvesting.

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