Buzzbaits Lure Types and Fishing Skills

Buzzbaits Lure Types and Fishing Skills

The two key factors that must be considered when selecting a buzzbait are durability and performance. These buzzbaits encounter different forces in the water by bumping wood and rocks and receiving heavy strikes from bass. These lures can be affected in some ways. For example, their propeller blade can bend or be shredded.

You will need buzzbaits if you intend fishing in a tight area where there are still small openings in the covered water surface. This will prevent you from wasting your casts whenever your key targets are hit. It is important to use a good buzzbait manufactured by a reputable company to fish. If a buzzbait is produced well, its performance will be consistent and it will be able to survive all possible wears and tears when rightly used during fishing.

Buzzbaits have three types but they all work similarly. The difference is due to the level of noise and surface disruption they make. Their size is also a reason for the differences. The three different style or kind of buzzbaits are discussed below:

Single Prop Non-Clacker Buzzbaits


This buzzbait is the first and original design that was created by LunkerLure Company in the 1970s. This Buzzbait type comes with a propeller that spins on the water surface. As the propeller spins, a gurgling noise is produced, and this makes the water to be disturbed. Single Prop Non-Clacker is the best buzzbait because it produces the least noise and it’s excellent for calmer waters.

Single Prop Clacker Buzzbaits

Lure companies have started to modify buzzbaits and this was how single prop clacker came into existence. The small metal piece that is hanged on a hinge over a prop is called a clacker. When a clacker hits a spinning propeller, a clacking noise is produced. Of all buzzbaits, this single prop clacker makes the loudest noise, but it disturbs the waters mildly just like single prop non-clacker.

Double Prop Buzzbaits

Double Prop is another style of buzzbait that has two propellers, and these propellers run side by side with one another. This kind of buzzbait creates the biggest water disturbance. They also produce double of the noises made by single prop buzzbaits.

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