Five Spoon Operating Methods For Lure Fishing New Guys

Five Spoon Operating Methods For Lure Fishing New Guys

1. Guide on General Dragging

After casting the spoon, allow it to sink down by 10cm, and reel up at medium speed.

2. Guide on Quick Reeling

After casting the spoon lure, reel up quickly , and allow the spoon to move at shallow distance from the water surface. Don’t worry about being too fast, the fish is much faster than you.

3. Guide on Slow Reeling

After casting the spoon, reel up slowly, and keep the speed when the sequin just starts to swing. It’s usually applied in deep water.

4. Guide on Sudden Pull

After the spoon slightly sinks once casted, pull the tip of fishing rod quickly in stable pace and reel up the line. Allow the lure to swim up and down on the water, which is usually applied when the fish is not active.

5. Guide on Dragging in Deep Water

Cast the spoon and sink down, keep the rod in horizontal level and lift to the vertical position quickly, and drop down to the horizontal level and meanwhile reel up the line. Repeat the above procedure until you finish the whole dragging process, which is usually applied in the cases of crafty and giant fish, especially the one fished by others in the commercial pool.

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