How to Avoid Misunderstanding When Choose the Fishing Lure

How to Avoid Misunderstanding When Choose the Fishing Lure

Lure fishers are always puzzled about the use of lure during the long-term fishing activities. The problems and skills that were deemed basic and simple often mislead new learners of lure fishing. So we would like to share with all of the fishers about the experience on how to select and use lures.

Is it necessary to buy expensive lures?

Indeed, cheap lures could also catch fish, but they were manufactured in a rough way. This resulted in the failure to present the swimming posture and dynamics and the loss on effects. While the quality of mega brands lure could be guaranteed, the price is also much higher. It depends on your economic budget on the selection of lure. Cheap ones could also work and expensive ones have their advantages. Basstrike is a good choice to buy the fishing lure with the features of good quality with warranty and affordable cost.

Why is the expensive lure not bite-resistant?

The expensive lures of famous brands are not specially designed for large predatory fish. Besides, they are made of light and soft material to take the dynamics and weight into account. Whether lures are made from light wood or plastic materials, they still could not stand the bite and sharp teeth of fishes.

Are there any critical colors for lures?

Actually, there is no particular critical color for lures. The importance of colors depends on the preference of fish target, the background color of fishing points on the water (such as green color of hydrophyte and the white color of sand bed), water color ( clear or muddy), the color of lure fish at the fishing points, weather and so on. There does not exist one color that could get best performance at different fishing sites. Similarly, there does not exist one lure that could catch any fish.

Why do fishers only use few lures even though they have prepared a lot?

Many fishers have taken a lot of lures but just use the few ones that succeeded in catching big fish. It’s not a good mind to use lures. Because few lures that were reliable could not work in every fishing case. The fish targets will change its intention on hooks due to the changes of environment, weather and fishing pressure at fishing sites, thus fishers should be smart and flexible in different situations. Familiarize yourself with the lures, including its dynamics, color, diving depth, additional functions (such as beads to send out noises, sequins to make flashlight, propellers to produce sprays). Think over all the features of lures and then select lures according to the environment structure of fishing sites, habits of fish targets, weather, time, wind, tide and water color, etc.

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