How To Choose The Lure Colors

How To Choose The Lure Colors

Of course, sometimes the color of a lure has a huge effect on fishing. Though one can catch very active and aggressive fishes with lures baits of all colors, using a lure with the right color would help to catch more or bigger fishes. If you want awesome fishing experience and catch, you must always select and use the right lure color that matches the current situation. Use the guidelines below to choose the right lure color.

lure colorLure Color

Anglers have a general rule of thumb that they follow. On dark days, dark color lures are used. On bright days, bright color lures are used. This rule is very effective and has worked for numerous anglers. However, it’s worth mentioning that black-colored lures usually works in all situations irrespective of the day.

Forage Species
Know the forage species that are available, most especially the forage species that the bass are eating. You can get information about this on the internet or through your local tackle shop. You can also get this by catching a few fishes and see what they spit out. Some fishes may spit out.

You could also select a color that matches crawfish or baitfish when caught. You can also have a feel of their stomach to have an idea of what they ate. If the stomach is soft, it means baitfish is what they are feeding on. If the stomach is hard, it’s pointing to crawfish or crustaceans. After knowing this, you can then select colors to match the bass’ forage species.

Have you gone fishing at 20 feet depth and caught many fishes with a certain lure, and after a while, you discovered the fish caught have reduced because they have moved deeper into the sea? In this kind of situation, it’s not advised to use the same lure.

Water reflective quality normally changes as you go deeper. This changes the appearance of your lure. Therefore, before you choose a lure color, know your fishing depth. Also, your lure colors must be chosen wisely, and it’s recommended to try different colors on different depths on fishing days. Always remember to apply these tips and you will be able to know what works best.

Water Clarity
You need to know the type or nature of the water you’re fishing to select the most appropriate lure color. For example, some anglers have a set of colors they use in murky water. The lure colors to choose for murky water are blue, black, bubblegum, junebug, chartreuse, etc. For clear water, natural water forage colors should be chosen. This includes silver, white, grey or their variations. Green pumpkin, watermelon match to sunfish, perch and crawfish species. A number of colors can be mixed use. Chartreuse is a great color that can be used for smallmouth bass and spotted bass.

This article will help you to catch more fish. So whenever you are going fishing in new waters, use this guide as a reference to select the color of the lures to use. Remember, you need to have confidence on your selected colors to increase your catch.


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