How to Choose the Saltwater Fishing Lures

How to Choose the Saltwater Fishing Lures

For marine fishes that are ferocious predators when saltwater fishing, you will have unique advantages and fishing fun once selecting lure to fish. Except saltwater fishing tackles, a right lure is the key to success. Let’s check the 4 tips about choosing the saltwater fishing lure.

1. At the fishing sites such as breakwaters, sloping reef and rocky edge, we need to drag off the lure horizontally to avoid dropping and choose shallow runner floating lures. Change the pace in the way of pulling on water surface to attract the fish strike the lures.

2. At the fishing sites such as deep field, reef out of the water surface and hidden reef, it’s necessary to select deep diving and floating lure with big lips like crankbaits.


3. The feature of suspended lure is to deeply suspend on water. On the basis, we could drag off and search for the fish layer by layer, when the lure simulates the wounded and dying fish bait due to the operation so that it can attract the fish to bite the hook.

4. When there is high wind and rough tide, please select the fast sinking lure with large weight, which is convenient for long casting and quick reach on the target water layer. When we position the fish school on the bottom as the target, the prior selection will be the sinking lure like lead hook or metal spoons, be careful to prevent the lure from dropping.

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