Soft Baits Types and Tips of Fishing Lures

Soft Baits Types and Tips of Fishing Lures

Soft baits is a kind of fishing lures. It is usually made from plastics, rubber and silicon materials and made into the appearance of various aquatic animals. Fishing with soft baits mainly simulates the action of natural biology using lures control fishing rod so as to attract the fish attack the lures.

When selecting soft baits for fishing lure, you can select soft baits according to different time, weather, pressure, the activeness of fish and water color. For example, fish is active in dusk or evening, so you can select soft bait with obvious color so that fish can discover the bait quickly and then attacks the soft bait. There are many types of artificial bait in different shapes in the soft bait family, so there are soft baits simulating bottom creature vividly. Thus, we have wide selection and strong purpose.

According to the shape, soft baits covers craws, baitfish, frogs, grubs, jerk baits, lizard lures, trailers, tubes & worms and so on. The common lure soft baits mainly worms and frogs. Worm is applied widely. Through the manipulation of lure angler. it produces strong stimulus on some omnivorous fingerling and carnivorous fingerling, while frog is soft bait specially designed for bass. The form of frog is vivid, so it easily stimulates bass to attack when it is operated.

1. Single-tail grub soft bait

Single-tail grub soft bait is the relatively common and basic type of Lure soft baits. There's a helical tail at the end of the single-tail grub soft bait, which could stir the water flow during use. The swimming speed of the single-tail grub soft bait is very slow and does not have any weight itself, so it should be used with a lead hook in the application process.

2. Dual-tail grub soft bait

Dual-tail grub soft bait is actually adding a spiral tail to the single-tail grub soft bait, its mainly imitation object is the two hind legs that the frog swings, so it should be dexterous in the use, without particularly heavy weight.

3. Worm type soft bait

Worm type soft bait is to mainly imitate the worms in the bottom of the water layer, the balance weight should be appropriate and not be too heavy, appropriately increase the weight when the water flow is too fast.

4. Shad soft bait

Shad soft bait is the soft bait produced by the reference to the biological shapes the fish in the water can prey on, like minim, shrimp, octopus and so on.

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