Texas Rig Detailed Explanation with Softbait&Worm Hook

Texas Rig Detailed Explanation with Softbait&Worm Hook

Texas rig is the most widely used fishing rig in Lure fishing, combining the sliding lead and worm hook with a variety of soft baits, such as worms, lobster, tube and so on. We should note that the process of casting the bait to sink is the time easiest to hook fish. The operation of pulling + waiting is the basic principle, the lead weight will slip into the middle of the wire after the pull, thus the fake bait will sink slowly later, and this is the best time to hook fish. Texas rig focuses more on the rhythm, the pull frequency should not be too fast, to add the process of having the soft bait submerged stay in the water for free, coordinated with a slight twitch.

Texas rig is suitable for the bottom layer and heavy obstacle area, and it a better choice especially in the situation of shore fishing lure rig.

Wrom hook, in a variety of styles and sizes, is applicable to different types of soft baits, with the usage basically the same.

The bait method for the worm hook, which is crossing the bait top and piercing out of the back.

Put the fake bait to the hook side, place the bait in order and find the second piercing point of the hook.

Use the hook to pierce through the bait again, and hide it in the bait, note that the bait should be straightened on the hook finally, and the second piercing point should be accurate. Of course, now there are also the usage to arch the fake bait body, which is more used in fish-shaped fake bait.

The bullet lead weight used by the Texas rig, which is often made of copper.

The basic structure of Texas rig, we usually add the bead to reduce the friction between the lead weight and hook, and the sound from the impact of the bead and lead weight also has the lure effect.

Place the bead at a distance from the hook, the lead weight cannot slide to the hook position, this is the Carolina rig, the usage is similar to Texas rig, with longer twist intervals and longer waiting time.

Another kind of worm hook, we cans see from the structure that it can effectively prevent the bait slide and keep the fishing group stable, while it does not apply to the fat-shaped baits.

Fish-shaped fake bait, and it works very well when the fish does bite.

Plastic Crayfish, when protecting the eggs in the early spring season, the bass is very sensitive to crayfish.

Illustration to hang the copper bullet lead and soft baits, worm hook + bead + bullet lead

The method of hooking soft worms

Use skills for the Texas rig:

Texas rig is the most basic fishing rig among Lure fishing and its success originates from its applicability and simplicity, it has a wide range of applications, such as: stumps, tree branches, water plants, stone piles and mudflats, and it can be used almost in any environment. Meanwhile Texas rig is still a relatively good detection fishing rig, whenever I arrive at a strange fishing ground, in the case without the underwater detection equipment to assist, for the soft bait fishing rig, I will first choose the Texas rig or hard bait VIB to detect underwater terrain, water depth and geological type. In addition, due to the role of bullet copper (tungsten), Texas rig has a smaller drag coefficient and larger proportion than leadless and WACKY rig, so this is also a fishing rig more appropriate in the fishing under windy weathers.

If there is no bite in your target area, you can also wait the jump during the drawing back, as sometimes the bass is willing to chase for a moment before the bite. When the fishing rig completely sinks to the bottom, we can slowly raise the pole tip to have the fishing rig stay away from the bottom for 30-50 cm, and then wait for the fishing group to naturally sink to the bottom, and do so repeatedly. This can cause a greater range of attention from the bass, and the bass likes attack when the worms fall, so for each jump, you should pay special attention to the speed, status and direction of the falling fishing group, after the careful feel, you can often find those less obvious attacks.

In fact, the Texas rig is very easy to assemble. The components required for the Texas rig are a worm hook, a soft bait and a bullet copper with central vent (tungsten), the reason why we don't recommend to use lead products is mainly that lead is of the heavy metals, even the small lead looks inconspicuous, it will cause environmental issues that cannot be overlooked for the quantity left over in the water accumulated for year by hanging at the bottom, while tungsten products are a little expensive compared to the other two materials, so we recommend to use the copper bullet which is relatively more environmentally friendly. For the bait types used for the fishing rig, we recommend to use the maggot type, insect type, lizard and shrimps. In this demonstration, we've chosen the DEPS soft bait.

First of all, we have to choose the weight of the copper bullet, and the weight choice depends on the several following factors: water depth, wire drawing speed, water flow speed and wind power scale, in general, the higher the water flow rate and the deeper the water, the heavier the copper bullet to be selected. Secondly, we need to select the size of the worm hook, which depends on the size of the bait and personal preferences, while the size of the soft worm depends on the size of the target fish. In fact, when the bass bites, it's not opening the mouth wide and rush to eat, but suck at a certain distance with the mouth opened wide, and the suction strength may not be reached when it's too heavy or mixed with the bait, and of course, the bass may also launch a second attack when not hitting the target in one suction.


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