The 7 Reasons Of Running Fish During the Bass Fishing

The 7 Reasons Of Running Fish During the Bass Fishing

In the practical lure fishing of bass, we often encounter the situations of losing fish, fish run away after bite the hook, what’s the reason? Based on the past experience, we summarize seven reasons below for your reference.

The Thickness of Lines

Light and fine lines will damage the master fishing line. The diameter of lines should be more than 0.6mm, which could get power when pulling bass. I used lines of 0.5 mm as the master line which have been broken many times and changed for 0.6 mm and achieved better effect. Because it needs power to fight against bass, and we could not lose fish with loose power, or time waits for no one.


Bad quality of fishing hooks could result in the straight shape or broken hook after catching fish. Some hooks will have above problems due to long or short fire splash. Therefore, please select hooks of good quality and make regular change once identifying quality problems.

Wear And Tear Of Lines

As the line is made of nylon, it’s easy to be worn and teared when pulling the bass. Please use steel lines to prevent such cases, especially in the seasons of catching bass.

Lines Were Cut Off

For boat fishing, fishes tend to swim to the hazards after getting into hook, such as bottom of boats, leaf edges, Anglers should have clear minds to pull fishes away from the hazards, and it’s same for shore fishing. Bass are good at moving into the hidden reefs once getting onto hooks so that the lines were cut off. Make every effort to pull the fish back.

Bass Could Get Rid Off The Hooks By Themselves

The critical way to lose fish after bass gets onto the hook is called washing gill, which means that the fish head shows up on the water and swing in high frequency so as to get rid off the hooks easily. Anglers must pay attention. The correct solution is to get the rod tip close to the water quickly and press the fish into water with much power and keep lines tight. The skill works both for boat fishing and shore fishing.

Misjudgment Of Anglers

Another case of losing fish occurs. When you reel up the lines, you feel that the fish is on hook, actually it’s just the situation that the fish bites the hook while you thought you got one and struggled for reeling. When the fish jumps out, it has run away. Therefore, the author recommends that you should raise the rod without hesitation once you feel hooked when reeling up lines so as to reduce the error rate.

Incorrect Bottom Fishing

When pulling bass on shores, how to get the bottom fishing is critical for fish catching. It’s likely to lose fish if operating in wrong ways, especially in the situations without brail nets. Please observe the terrain when pulling bass, generally the sloping land is best for reeling up the fish. You can get the fish to the sloping reef after the fish becomes tired. Then pull the fish the shore when tide comes.

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