The Flipping Skills at Water Hazards for Lure Fishing

The Flipping Skills at Water Hazards for Lure Fishing

We all know that fish like water hazards. Especially when the air pressure changes or there is no activity, fish like to stay in water hazard When you find the fish in deep area of water hazards, it’s time for flipping. Below are the flipping skills.

1. Please act lightly when casting lures into water, especially when the water is shallow and clear. Of course, sometimes we need to get the attention of fish with the noise of casting, just have a try.

2. Flipping could help catch the fish that other fishers just missed. This is absolutely an amazing skill.

3. When flipping, you must watch the lines, the bite may be light and you could feel the movement of lines. You may miss the fish if you fail to watch the lines carefully.

4. Practice is important. Please slow down and make the lures stay longer on the point so as to attract fish when flipping in heavy water hazards.

5. You need a long flipping rod with 6 to 8 feet and medium hard tone. The longer the rod, the better to control lures. Violent raise of rods could get the fish out of water hazards.

6. The lures preferred for flipping are grubs, jigs, worms, lizards and other lures that could get into the water hazards.

The casting of flipping is also unique. Take more time on practice. When you are familiar on casting, you could catch more fish. Don’t take granted that you have handled everything. Indeed it’s a good news to catch more fish.

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