The Use Guides of the Vibration Lure for All Water Layers

The Use Guides of the Vibration Lure for All Water Layers

The VIB in lure fishing is the abbreviation of Vibration, which means the movement of vibrating, it could simulate the forms of small fishes in herring family. The materials are various, such as hard plastics, wood and metal, popular soft rubber VIB. The body is rhombus and long, tie lines are on the back, without water guide board, water resistance is produced through the surface micro gravure on the hear and make it advance in quick vibration on left and right.

VIB is heavier than water, so skills to operate the rods could search for surface, middle and bottom water areas, also called as all water layers lure, which could completely sink and induce fish by the vibration when dragging the body. It's the good choice to attach the fish in middle and bottom layers, applicable for the large range search with no barriers areas.

1. Equipment Support

VIB has great resistance in water so generally we use long rods with hard action. It depends on personal habits to select casting rods or spinning rods.

2. User Instructions

VIB is heavier than water, and it's the sinking lure which is easy to drop and not applicable for shallow points. The operation instruction is same for seawater and fresh water. There are two ways:

  • Drag Horizontally:

Look at VIB carefully and you will find that half of its head is surface with micro protrusion, which is critical for the vibration of VIB in water. Actually, the vibrating frequency is also different according to different manufacturers. You will know about the best state of each VIB after reaching the speed. Please remember the vibrating speed for trial and we can also learn about it through the vibration passing back by rods. That's the key to use VIB. As VIB is heavier than water, it's sinking lure. We should know about the sinking speed, which is the major skill to position layers in water. Or you will lose many bites.

VIB could also be used to attach fish hidden beside the large barriers. Such as the stylophora, cast behind the stylophora and sink it down to the middle layer, pay attention to the flower water, or it will get hooked onto the stylophora, reel up after VIB sinks to the intended depth and bass hidden beside the stylophora will get onto hook.

  • Move Forward in N-shape:

We could use the second method if we have no idea on the layer, it's simple, cast VIB and raise up the rod tip to reel up the line after it sinks to the bottom, then press the tip down and make it free to sink down. Repeat the action in N shape. It's effective to search for fishes. Also, it is the common method.

3. What's VIB Bottom Fishing?

When you go to a fishing site and find the fish are not active, it's time to use VIB bottom fishing. Because when the fish activities are low, you need to deliver the food to it so that it will open the mouth. Let's deliver the food to the fish. Casting VIB and it will sink down, move forward and jump, search in slow pace, and inspire the desire of fishes to eat by delivering food to the mouth of fish. During the breeding of fishes, bottom action will make maximum interruption on the breeding areas so as to irritate them and attack.

VIB is easy one of lures with a large range of application. Familiar use it will bring you much fun.

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